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The Central Highlands show circuit offers exhibitors, competitors and itinerants six shows in just two weeks. The circuit starts at the Alpha Show, and continues onto the Capella Show, Clermont Show, Springsure Show, Emerald Show, and then finishes in September with the Comet River Show.

The shows within the Central Highlands Sub Chamber have been injected with young blood volunteering their enthusiasm, motivation and energy, which coincides with the dedication and knowledge of our experienced members. Planning for next year’s shows has already begun and the Sub Chamber is proud to say there’s a lot in store.

The Central Highlands Sub Chamber is unique and innovative; each of the committees prides themselves on supplying a high quality, fun and well organised community event.

Competitors love the circuit, guild members rave successful and organized events, trade site exhibitors love five shows in two weeks, and patrons enjoy high quality, fresh entertainment; just to name a few highlights.

The Central Highlands are known for the coal industry but the agricultural industry just as is strong and proud. Cotton, cattle, wheat, sorghum, chick pea, mung beans, citrus, grapes- all is produced on the Central Highlands.

For information regarding show dates, schedules, programs and general questions please contact the individual Show Society’s secretary or the Sub Chamber secretary.

We hope you enjoy the shows within the Central Highlands Sub Chamber.

Affiliated Show Societies:

  • Alpha Show Society Inc.
  • Capella and District Show Society
  • Clermont Rodeo & Show Society Inc.
  • Comet Sporting and Agricultural Show Society Inc
  • Emerald Show Society
  • Springsure P & A (Show) Society