Sub-Chamber Information

Queensland is split into 11 Sub Chambers based on geographical areas around the state.  Each Sub Chamber supports the Agricultural Societies within it’s boundaries and elects a representative to the QCAS Board. 

Wherever possible, for collaboration in respect of show dates and other matters, Sub-Chambers of Societies are formed. Each Sub-Chamber has the power to make rules for the management of its own affairs provided such rules are not inconsistent with the Rules or decisions of the Chamber or the Board.

Each Sub-Chamber is responsible for implementing proposals referred from the Chamber or the Board.

Each Sub-Chamber is represented on the QCAS Board by: in the case of a Sub-Chamber that represents less than 14 Members, 1 Delegate, and in the case of a Sub-Chamber that represents 14 or more Members, 2 Delegates.  An alternate Delegate will be elected who may replace the Delegate at a meeting of the Board if that Delegate is unable or unwilling to attend a meeting of the Board.

Delegates must be members of a member Society of the Chamber.

Sub-Chamber Finals

Entrants who win Queensland Ag Shows’ competitions at their local show qualify for their Sub Chamber finals. These are usually hosted by a show in each Sub Chamber, or some Sub Chambers have a separate finals day.

State Finals

The winners of the Sub Chamber Finals qualify to compete in the State Finals. Queensland Ag Shows run State Finals for the below competitions.

  • Prime Beef Young Judges 
  • Stud Beef Young Judges & Paraders
  • Dairy Young Judges & Paraders
  • Meat Sheep Young Judges 
  • Merino Sheep & Merino Fleece Young Judges 
  • Poultry Young Judges
  • Dark Rich Fruit Cake Competition 
  • Ute Muster 
  • Rural Ambassador 
  • Showgirl 

Finalist Information

As some Sub Chamber finals are held within weeks of Brisbane Ekka, winners may not receive their official congratulatory letters in time to organise their schedules, travel and accommodation to attend the competition final. If this is the case, please contact our Competitions Co-ordinator at or call our office on (07) 3277 7747.