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Newsletter – May 2024

2023 Annual Report

Newsletter – May 2024

2023 Annual Report

What we do

At Queensland Agricultural Shows, our mission is to celebrate and promote the value of our region’s rich Agricultural heritage, sustaining the future of Agricultural shows with support, resources, and advocacy.  
Our Shows, run purely by volunteers of local communities, offer a range of competitions, events, and activities across the Sunshine State that showcase to all, city or rural, the talent and resilience of our local Agricultural community.

How we accomplish this

Supporting our local shows with governance and guidance on conducting their events

Advocating for the importance of Agricultural shows at all levels of government

Promoting our shows and fostering communication between our show network and the greater community

Sustaining the future of Agricultural shows by promoting young people in the Ag Show movement with programs such as Next Generation

Preserving the tradition and history of Agriculture in our region while moving into the modern day

Providing training programs for our volunteers, as well as Ag Ed resources to educate and inform

Queensland Ag Shows Sponsors and Supporters 

2022 Queensland Ag Shows State Final Information will not be released until each Sub Chamber Final has been completed and the respective Sub Chamber representatives determined. The closing date for notification of Sub Chamber representatives is 30 June.