Young Judges & Paraders

Prime Beef Cattle, Stud Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle

The Queensland Ag Shows Cattle Young Judges and Paraders Competitions are conducted on a state-wide basis.

Merino Sheep Young Judges

The Queensland State Final of the AgForce Merino Sheep competition and the Nutrien Wool Merino Fleece competition is held in conjunction with the QMSSA State Sheep Show each year.

Nutrien Wool Merino Fleece Young Judges

Our youth are the future of our industries and our communities.

Meat Sheep Young Judges

The Queensland Ag Shows Meat Sheep competition is conducted on a state-wide basis. Competition is held across three levels – Local Agricultural Show, State and National Championships. 

Poultry Young Judges

Queensland Ag Shows run the Poultry Young Judges competition on a state-wide basis. The competition is held across three levels – Local Show, State Finals and National Finals.

Want to express Interest in Judging a Local Show

Want to express Interest in Stewarding/Volunteering at Local Show

2022 Queensland Ag Shows State Final Information will not be released until each Sub Chamber Final has been completed and the respective Sub Chamber representatives determined. The closing date for notification of Sub Chamber representatives is 30 June.