2023 BOARD

          The Executive and Directors of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc. consist of representatives from each QLD Sub-Chamber. Each Sub Chamber has either one or two delegates depending on the number of Show Societies within the Sub-Chamber.

          At the Queensland Ag Shows AGM, the Sub-Chamber delegates are ratified and join the Board of Directors for Queensland Ag Shows. Immediately following the AGM, an Executive (President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President, and Treasurer) are elected from within the Directors.

Queensland Ag Shows Staff

General Manager & Secretary

Trevor Beckingham OAM FCPA


Administration Officer

Carolyn Cahill


Administration Support Officer

Tomas Silkman





          David, a sixth-generation farmer, proudly continues his family’s farming tradition in the Scenic Rim region alongside his wife and son. This legacy dates back to 1818 when David’s ancestors first settled as graziers in New South Wales. As active members of the agricultural community, David and his wife share a great love for agricultural shows. David’s family involvement can be traced back to the early 1900s when they showcased their prized Merino sheep. Upholding this heritage, he has contributed to his local Show, the Beaudesert Show Society, for the past two decades as a dedicated volunteer.

          Since 2014, David has actively served in various roles within his Sub Chamber, including President, Treasurer, and Secretary. In 2021, he joined the Board of QLD Ag Shows, where he has held positions such as Junior Vice President, Senior Vice President, currently serving as President. David’s contributions also extend to chairing the Governance Working Group as well as the Next Gen Working Group.

          Additionally, David is an experienced project manager with a 20-year background in technology, agriculture, event management and business strategy. He is committed to uplifting agricultural and rural communities and understands firsthand the unique challenges faced in these regions. With his extensive experience collaborating with diverse stakeholder groups, David is passionate about driving positive change for the benefit of these communities.



          Rowan has always had a passion for the agricultural industry, with a particular interest in agricultural education. After becoming a qualified diesel fitter, Rowan has owned an agricultural contacting business working in the broad acre industries of grain and cotton, owned a pineapple farm, and worked for several years in cattle sale yards. He currently is a National Distribution Manager for an agricultural machinery company based on the Sunshine Coast.

          Since his earliest memories, Rowan can remember attending local agricultural shows. The highlight of his childhood was attending the Ekka every year. In 1999 he joined the Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show Society as a cattle steward and went on to become the Beef Cattle Chief Steward and Vice President in 2001. Rowan was also a member of the Chinchilla Show Society for 8 years, serving as Vice President for 4 of those years. He was a Rural Ambassador State Finalist in 2005 and a founding member and President of QLD Ag Shows Next Generation committee.

          Rowan has a diploma of Event Management, specializing in Agricultural Shows. Currently he is the President of Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show, President of the Near North Coast Sub-Chamber and Senior Vice President of Queensland Ag Shows. He is committed in continually improving agricultural shows and to improve the value of the education of agriculture within our shows. Rowan believes Agricultural Shows are a window front to the consumers of our produced foods and fibres, and play a vital role in the promotion of agriculture.



          Monica was born in Esk and raised on a property at Crows dale. She went to Somerset Dam Primary School coming to Brisbane to board at St Rita’s in Clayfield for three years.

          After finishing school Monica worked at Ray White for seven years being the junior to their accountant. In 1975. Monica married Fraser and moved to Maleny, working on the family dairy farm. In 1984, Fraser and Monica went into partnership with his father until they sold in 1997. Monica has four children, two boys and two girls.

          Monica started working in the Maleny newsagency as the bookkeeper in 1987 and is still working there. Monica has been involved in the Maleny Show Society since 1978 and was the Chief Dairy Steward for eight years, as well as being on the executive committee for 23 years. Monica has previously served as the Treasurer and Senior VP of the Queensland Ag Shows Board of Directors, and is heavily involved in the young Judges and Paraders competitions, particularly the Dairy competitions.



          John was born and raised in Boonah, Australia, and continues to reside on the property where he spent his early years starting his farming journey. His passion for agriculture led him to establish a successful fresh vegetable processing business, building on his expertise in vegetable cultivation.

          With a rich family history of involvement in the Boonah Show Society, John’s connection to the show life runs deep. During his presidency, he has been actively dedicated to developing the showgrounds and upgrading facilities, providing a strong impetus for progress. As a Life Member, his interests extend beyond horticulture, encompassing a passion for cattle farming as well. He has also represented growers at local, state, and federal association levels, serving as Chair and Director in various agricultural and community organisations, contributing a wealth of experience to the show movement.

          John is a steadfast advocate for rural communities, recognising the significant benefits they bring to more densely populated areas. Having served for decades in local government, with much of that time serving as Mayor, he has been an influential figure in Southeast Queensland’s robust rural and regional production sector. In 2001 John was awarded with a Centenary Medal for distinguished service to local government and in 2015, John was awarded with a Medal of the Order of Australia for service to local government and the agriculture industry.

          As the current President of the West Moreton and Brisbane Valley Sub Chamber, John collaborates with Shows to promote and showcase their region to urban communities. He firmly believes that industry growth hinges on strong association bodies.

          In additional to serving as a Board Member, John sits on the Governance Working group.


Laura Maeke headshot





          Kylee has had a long association with the Show movement, beginning with entries as a child in her local Jandowae Show back in the 1980’s. She loved the thrill of competition and striving to do her best along with all of my friends in the school exhibits, along with the fun and excitement of other attractions, such as attending side show alley and choosing a kewpie doll or show bag.

          Kylee furthered her links with the Show movement in 1992 upon entering the Queensland Country Life Miss Showgirl Competition in Jandowae, and moving through to represent the Darling Downs Sub-Chamber in Queensland, and was sashed as the national winner in Perth, earning the title of Miss Australia Showgirl. This was a process that taught Kylee many valuable life lessons and illustrated the joy and comfort of being involved in the Show family. She has been involved over many years with the Emerald Showgirl and Rural Ambassador competitions in various capacities, and has been the Steward for at least five years.

          Kylee has seen the Showgirl competition from all sides and is passionate about opportunities for young people to get involved in Shows via the Showgirl or Rural Ambassador programs. As a teacher for the past 25 years, Kylee is a good communicator, and an empathetic and fantastic listener.



          Ken is a retired building construction owner and now a hobby farmer with a few steers. He became a volunteer to QLD Ag Shows in 2010.

          He was first asked to help set up a caretaker’s accommodation at Yeppoon Show grounds, while there becoming further involved with the show, later becoming the cattle steward. He then went on to become Vice-President and President for the last nine years for the Yeppoon and District Show Society Inc.

          Ken has been on the Central Queensland Sub-Chamber for ten years, serving as Vice-President there for the last five. He has held his position as director to QLD Ag Shows for the last 3 years.

          Ken has always been involved with agriculture and enjoys meeting people, especially those involved with Ag Shows. He enjoys helping out with the events at shows like Horse Stewarding, Showgirl judging, and Rural Ambassador judging.

          Ken’s aim is to try and get as many young people as possible to become involved with our Shows.



          Vere was born in Rockhampton and lived there until she had completed her nursing qualifications in 1969. As a child, she enjoyed entering in the arts and crafts and handwriting sections at the Rockhampton Show. She has fond memories of attending the show every year and excited to see her entries on display. 


          In the late 1900’s, Vere was asked to be involved with the Mount Larcom & District Show Society.  She began helping in the horse office section of the show and continues helping to this day. Vere became involved in the management committee over 20 years ago and is also a Life Member of the show. 


          When Vere retired from work, she was elected Secretary and has been in that position since October 2018. Vere became a delegate for her Sub Chamber in 2023 and her aim is to encourage young people to become involved with their local shows. The show movement requires our young people to be involved so that it will continue successfully into the future.  





          Lyndell was raised on her family’s stud cattle and Merino sheep property in Tara on the Western Darling Downs. Hereford Cattle saw the family showing at Brisbane, Sydney, and multiple regional Shows. 

          After completing her secondary education at St. Hilda’s School in Southport, Lyndell spent a year in America as a Rotary Exchange Student. On her return to Australia, she completed a Cosmetician course in Sydney before obtaining a secretarial position at Myer Queen Street, Brisbane.

          Lyndell later returned to the family property, actively involving herself in its operations, breeding and showing Hereford cattle, breeding Merino sheep, and getting involved in the community through her active involvement in the Young National Party. She married her lifelong friend, Russell, in 1978 and moved five kilometers up the road to his family’s property. Two children and four beautiful grandchildren followed along, with a passionate commitment to her community. Lyndell has held executive roles in the P & C Association, Garden Club, Bowls Club and the Tara Show Society. She is also a Life Member of the Show Society, spending time serving on the Women’s Show Auxiliary, Horticultural Section, judging at Regional Shows, eleven years as Show Secretary, and a Steward for Showgirl, Farm Produce and Field Cropping and Town and Country Markets at her local Show.

          Since the passing of her husband in 2017, Lyndell runs the family property with her daughter, Carissa, fattening cattle, running Merino ewes, and breeding prime crossbred lambs. Lyndell continues as a Steward for the Tara Show, and was elected as a Delegate to the Darling Downs Sub Chamber in late 2017, enjoying encouraging and mentoring young enthusiasts into the Show movement.



          Brett has been going to the show since he was five months old, getting involved later in the Campdraft Sub-Committee, joining the General Committee, becoming Vice-President, and is currently President of the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society.



          Leanne was born in Atherton and has lived there and the Tolga area for most of her life. She holds a family history steeped in the Atherton Tablelands, as a child Leanne’s family were members of the society, leaving her with very fond memories of her local show. After moving away from the Tablelands for a period, Leanne returned and started working in the education sector, where she has remained.

          She became involved as a Floricultural Steward, encouraged by her mother-in-law who is a life member of the Atherton Tableland Agricultural Show Society, and Head Steward of Floricultural. Once the office adapted a computer program to track entries, she moved from stewarding to computer entry imputing for the Show Society.  Her two sons have competed in the floral, culinary, agriculture, and poultry sections for many years.

          She was later elected to the role of Secretary for Atherton Show, which she held for several years, leading on the President role, becoming the first female President of the Atherton Tableland Agricultural Show Society. Her challenge as President was to involve more younger members to become involved in the Society. Within a couple of years, Leanne went from being one of the youngest members to one of the oldest in the society.

          In 2021, as Vice-President of Atherton Show, Leanne had the privilege of being elected as the North Queensland Sub-Chamber Delegate. As a Delegate, her aim is to involve more young people in the Show movement, sustaining all shows withing her Sub-Chamber into future generations.



          Viv has worked in the world of animals for most of her life, as a child on my father’s farm in New Zealand. working with farm animals and shearing sheds, then going on to more farming endeavours, including deer. Viv was a hydatids officer for many years.

          Viv came to Australia in 1993, buying acreage to continue sheep breeding and hand piece shearing sheep all around her local area. She was asked to shear two sheep at a fete in 1997, marking the start of her involvement with Ag Shows. She started out with old heritage shearing machines, giving talks about history of shearing and breeds of wool producing animals, taking the babies of those animals to Shows for display, marking how her interactive farmyard grew to what it is now.

          Viv has been taking her animal team to the Proston Show for fourteen years. She has held the position of President at the Proston Show Society from 2019-2021, and South Burnett Sub-Chamber Delegate from 2019 onwards, also currently serving as the Delegate for Proston in her Sub-Chamber.

          She believes that though the young members of Shows parade cattle, enter the Showgirl or Rural Ambassador competitions, or participate in many other activities, they lose focus on the greater benefit of Shows. Thus, Viv wants to create more opportunities for the young people to learn the skills of stewarding, judging, creating, fabricating, volunteering, serving on a committee, to learn how to be a part of those who build a Show.

          She also believes that as it takes a village to raise a child, a whole community is needed to put together a spectacular Show.



          Lisa’s association with Shows started very young as both her parents were Stewards in the Chinchilla Show pavilion for many years. She rode horses in the show ring in both rider and hack classes, also competing in the show jumping ring. Lisa has always had a love of Shows, as she believes they are where the city meets the country of each town, each with so many different things to see and entertain. 

          Lisa has been on the committee of the Chinchilla A&P Association for eight years, serving as President for the last four. Before coming onto the committee, she helped in the office, canteen, and pavilion, her favourite part of the Shows. Lisa has found her time involved with the Show to be very rewarding, meeting many of lifetime friends. This year she has stepped down as President, as she would like to get involved more behind the scenes in the coming years. For the past two years Lisa has been the Vice-President of the Southwest Sub Chamber. 

          She sees being nominated to serve on the Board of Directors as a great honour, and in this role, Lisa hopes to be able to keep the show movement strong across all of Queensland. The last few years have been challenging, but with the right support Lisa hopes all Shows will come back strong and continue growing. She believes she doesn’t have one major strength, but prides herself in being able to take on any role, doing it to the best of her ability.

2022 Queensland Ag Shows State Final Information will not be released until each Sub Chamber Final has been completed and the respective Sub Chamber representatives determined. The closing date for notification of Sub Chamber representatives is 30 June.