Keith Bettridge


Keith Bettridge became a member of the Alpha Show Society in 1973; he later went on to become the president and then Secretary. On completing his service in these areas he was elected as their country vice president and ring master.

Keith was also elected to be the Alpha delegate for the Central Highlands Sub Chamber; taking on this position also meant he had to serve a term as president of Central Highlands Agricultural Shows Sub-Chamber (CHASS). In recognition of his dedication and outstanding contributions to the Queensland Show Movement he was awarded the Queensland Ag Shows Meritorious Service Award.

Keith was nominated as a delegate to the Queensland Ag Shows Board where he served as President until 2016. On the completion of his term he was nominated as the Patron of Queensland shows. Keith is still the ring master for Alpha and a strong supporter for all shows on the Central Highlands and beyond.

2022 Queensland Ag Shows State Final Information will not be released until each Sub Chamber Final has been completed and the respective Sub Chamber representatives determined. The closing date for notification of Sub Chamber representatives is 30 June.