Queensland Ag Shows is the peak body for the Agricultural Show Societies in Queensland. We were set up with the aim to promote and protect the general interests of Show Societies so they can continue to put on safe events and increase community wellbeing. Today we offer a range of services, competitions, education and information to help Show Societies run thriving, well-resourced and well-governed Agricultural Shows.


          The Queensland Ag Show Board of Directors consists of representatives (Delegates) from each of the Sub-Chambers that make up Queensland Ag Shows. These Delegates are appointed by the Sub-Chambers. The Delegates once appointed to the Board represent the interests of all Members. The number of Delegates representing a Sub-Chamber is based on the number of Shows that make up that Sub-Chamber. Each Sub-Chamber is represented by one Delegate with an additional Delegate where a Sub-Chamber represents 14 or more Shows. Delegates are appointed for a 1 year term but may serve multiple terms.

BurnettLaura MAEYKE2023Board Member
Central HighlandsKylee MATTHEWS2021Board Member
Central & Nth-West QueenslandNO DELEGATE Board Member
Central QueenslandKen LANDSBERG2019Board Member
Central QueenslandVere WYPER2023Board Member
Darling DownsBrett BOATFIELD2023Board Member
Darling DownsLyndell NEAL2018Board Member
Near North CoastMonica SKERMAN2009Jnr Vice President
Near North CoastRowan O’HARA2019Snr Vice President
North QueenslandLeanne THOMAS2021Board Member
South BurnettNO DELEGATE Board Member
South-East QueenslandDavid WILSON2021President
South-West QueenslandLisa WALSH2022Board Member
West Moreton & Brisbane ValleyJohn BRENT2022Honorary Treasurer


          Agricultural shows have played a leading role in the development of agriculture and communities since the first show was conducted in 1822 in Hobart. They are one of the oldest continuous events in post-colonial Australian society and are still popular in every state and territory with around 587 shows run annually in Australia.
          In Queensland there are 129 Agricultural Show Societies run by more than 13,500 volunteers. They provide small local events with community populations of 300 or less, to large multi-day events such as the Ekka which attracts over 400,000 visitors every year. On average though, the shows are small to medium sized which are run by volunteers who govern their independent associations known as Show Societies.
          Across Queensland the popularity of shows remains high as they continue to record 1.3 million visitors every year. 


          Agricultural Shows have become multifaceted community events displaying a lively mix of competitions and demonstrations; displays of farming and commercial goods; arts and crafts; educational information; entertainment, sideshows and amusement rides.

          Research has found that the social and economic benefits for Australia are significant, with at least $9.6 million dollars of economic benefits and a significant amount of social benefits due to volunteerism and the educational, competitive and cultural experiences they provide. The economic and social benefits are evident that the industry should continue to be supported and promoted.


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    2022 Queensland Ag Shows State Final Information will not be released until each Sub Chamber Final has been completed and the respective Sub Chamber representatives determined. The closing date for notification of Sub Chamber representatives is 30 June.